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In coming together to form Settle Florida, Elliot Fixler and Richard Polisner have spent over forty years each in their respective professions: Elliot representing clients in a wide variety of civil and criminal cases and Richard as an entrepreneur, bank board member, pilot, COO, inventor and Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon. The practical experience of trying cases and negotiating settlements on both sides of the legal fence provides Elliot with a unique and valuable perspective for service as a mediator and arbitrator. 

In addition to his business achievements and surgical practice, Richard earned a Master's Degree in Health Law (MJ), is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator and was instrumental in establishing three Medical Malpractice Insurance companies consulting with physician insureds on liability, risk management, testifying and regulatory protocols. He also holds a private pilot license with instrument and multi engine ratings and a Series 7 security license.




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Mediation is a process during which the mediator works as a neutral party to assist the parties in finding a suitable compromise to their dispute while maintaining an atmosphere of self determination. A successful mediation generally helps the parties avoid a long, expensive court battle and a court imposed award.


Arbitration involves parties having their case heard by an arbitration panel instead of a judge or jury. The panel consists of one or more members with the authority to decide the final award for the respective parties. Arbitration is typically faster and less costly than a formal trial, even in serious cases.



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