Settle Florida


Mediation expertise in a variety of case types.

Areas of Practice


Settle Florida strives to assist attorneys and their clients to achieve successful resolutions without the sacrifice of time, effort, expense and possible publicity associated with litigation of claims in court.


Mediation is a process where the mediator works to find a suitable compromise between the parties, thus avoiding a long, expensive court battle and court-imposed awards. Often, all that's needed to settle even the toughest disputes is an experienced mediator to assist the parties in finding reasonable solutions.


Arbitration involves parties having their case heard by a arbitration panel instead of a judge or jury. The panel consists of one or more members with the authority to decide the final award to the respective parties. Arbitration is typically faster and less costly than a formal trial, even in serious cases.



• Medical negligence

• Personal injury

•  Personal injury protection benefits

•  Wrongful death

•  Automobile liability

•  Premises liability

•  Professional negligence

•  Nursing home/assisted living facility liability


•  Dissolution of marriage or long-term partnership

•  Paternity

•  Child custody/primary residency/time sharing

•  Parenting plans

•  Alimony/spousal support

•  Division of marital assets and liabilities


•  Commercial litigation

•  Construction litigation

•  Eminent domain

•  Business disputes

•  Real estate and related controversies

•  Probate & estate administration

•  Product liability

•  Governmental liability

•  Police liability

•  Labor & employment law

•  Sexual harassment & discrimination

•  Workers compensation

•  First- & third-party insurance matters

•  Property damage claims

•  Hurricane matters

•  Sinkhole & mold claims